Converse Logo history (IV)

Converse is a cult brand of casual and athletic footwear, as well as the name of a manufacturing company founded in 1908 in Boston (USA). It is currently a subsidiary of Nike Corporation. His sneakers and sneakers of various shades are in demand all over the world.

Converse Logo history (IV)images

A five-pointed star occupies the center of the Converse brand logo. It is present in all versions of the brand – as a designation of premium products. At first, this symbol was to the left of the name. Then two consecutive points were located above it – it was in a square with rounded corners or in a circle. In the 2011-2017 version, the star was aligned with the “O”, using it instead of the gap in the letter. On the current emblem, which debuted in 2007, the star leans slightly to the right and rests on a beam.

Converse Logo history (IV)images1

The brand name is written in plain sans-serif font. The color combination is monochromatic: black symbolizes integrity, elegance and perfection and white symbolizes charm and purity.

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