Converse Logo history (I)

Converse is a cult brand of casual and athletic footwear, as well as the name of a manufacturing company founded in 1908 in Boston (USA). It is currently a subsidiary of Nike Corporation. His sneakers and sneakers of various shades are in demand all over the world.

In general, the brand has six different logo options, although at the beginning of its career it did not have a permanent label. Instead, the manufacturer used the inscription in different styles, until in 1932 he launched a shoe line called All-Star. She gained incredible popularity, so the company switched to the star sign. In 1962, the company decided to create a permanent logo based on the star.

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Converse Logo


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The debut logo looks modest and minimalistic. It’s just a rectangle with the word “Chat” in lowercase. In front of you, a miniature five-pointed black star – a sign of excellence and products of the highest quality. The background is light gray, the letters are dark, the same size.

1977 – 2003

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During this period, the emblem was used, in which the star prevails. Designers enlarged it and placed it in the center of a square with rounded corners. It’s completely white, so it stands out against a black background. Under it, the developers placed the text part of the logo – the name of the company. The word is written in bold sans serif in uppercase – with the exception of the letter “n”, which is left in lowercase. One typeface is Sans-Serif, which resembles the sharp edges and thick lines of Display Pump.

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