Continental x Adidas Cross-border cooperation

What do soles and tires have in common?
The answer is that the soles and tires need to ensure a safe contact with the ground at all times, whether you are striding or driving.

Are there any black technologies that can be learned from each other? With the addition of tires, can the sole better help people walk more steadily and go farther? Compared with the so-called “dream linkage” or “increasing gimmicks”, the cooperation between Continental and Adidas is a cross-border cooperation that truly improves the consumer experience.

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Adidas Boost HD Continental

In response to the needs of runners, Continental’s technical researchers conducted research on the rubber material used in the sole, and improved the sole rubber material with reference to the design of tire rubber. In order to ensure the excellent grip of sports shoes on wet and slippery roads, the researchers also applied the feline’s grip principle to the design of the sole material to ensure that no matter what weather conditions, temperature or road conditions, the sole material Both can improve the grip of running shoes, provide stronger traction, and help runners achieve faster speeds.

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Adidas Sole Continental

Continental’s research on sole materials should not only meet the needs of consumers for daily use, but also provide professional runners with more advanced equipment from the professional point of view of marathon runners. So far, Continental and Adidas have helped athletes break three marathon world records and win two Olympic medals. Not only that, but two-time Olympic gold medalist Johannes Rydzek was certified by the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s steepest 50-meter dash in Continental x Adidas sneakers.

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