Classification of “high heel” (II)

Standing on high heels, I can see the whole world.

—Carrie From Sex and the City

Actually, women’s love for high heels has never stopped. No matter how many heels we have, we always feel like we still lack a pair of them. Wearing high heels can extend the curve of the calf to the ball of the foot, to achieve the effect of highlighting the calf line.

Classification of “high heel” (II)images
High heel from Rene Caovilla

Let’s look at more category of high heels

I According to the toe shape

A. Pointed-toe

Pointed-toe shoes refer to shoes with pointed toes, which originated in France. Pointed-toe shoes have a strong personality, are slender and delicate, and can make a woman’s feet slender and the instep beautifully arched.

Classification of “high heel” (II)images1

B. Round-toe

The biggest advantage of round toe shoes is that the toes can get the greatest comfort.

Classification of “high heel” (II)images2

C. Open-toe

Full display of footstep lines

Classification of “high heel” (II)images3

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Classification of “high heel” (I)

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