Classification of “high heel” (I)

Hign heels have become a must-have item, but how do you choose them at your ordinary life? Just depend on your feeling or are you actually understand the types of different shoes? Let’s look at the categories!

I According to heel height

A. Low heel (<3cm)

Classification of “high heel”  (I)images
low heel

B. Mid heel (3cm-7cm)

Classification of “high heel”  (I)images1
Mid heel

C. High heel (>7cm)

Classification of “high heel”  (I)images2
High heel

II Acording to the types of heel

A. Kitten heel

Andy Warhol, the pioneer American pop artist, once used comics to express the delicacy and elegance of kitten heel shoes. Low heel like a cat’s small short legs, walk and cat as light, pointed toe is lovely and charming.

Classification of “high heel”  (I)images3
Kitten heel

B.Chunky heel

The chunky heel design is stable, inspired by the horse’s hoof,and visually elongates the legs.

Classification of “high heel”  (I)images4
Chunky heel

C. Block heel

The design of block heel makes one look more elegent and intellectual and increase the sense of grace.

Classification of “high heel”  (I)images5
Block heel

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Classification of “high heel” (II)

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