Something of Gianvito Rossi

In a world that moves so quickly and consumes so quickly, Gianvito Rossi is committed to making each product stand the test of time. A modern and timeless style that enhances elegance and femininity. Simplicity and originality are the basis of every project signed by Gianvito Rossi.


A captivating expression of femininity, the Sigma is a sexy open-toed mule. Its beauty is amplified by the perfect balance between transparent organic resin, suede embellished with tiny crystals and lambskin with a metallic finish. A prominent toe and a 105mm stiletto heel define its silhouette for a feminine silhouette.

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The metallic finish of these pointed-toe slingbacks with a 105mm stiletto allows Hortensia to express femininity in an innovative way. The upper is made from soft sheer resin and lambskin straps, embellished with rich crystals that wrap around the foot for an eye-catching statement detail. The sinuous lines on the surface add to the unique charm.

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Viv’Choc–Roger Vivier

Summer is passionate, and at the same time summer is colorful. Summer is suitable for many bright colors, and girls will also like to dress themselves up with beautiful colors. In keeping with their usual characteristics of being innovative, avant-garde, and modern, Roger vivir presents this season’s new Viv’ Choc.


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This pair of shoes continues the brand’s usual characteristics, made in Italy. The satin upper makes the whole pair of shoes very textured. Combining sophistication and elegance, Viv’ Choc embodies the house’s signature buckle with its rounded lines. Understated glamour, these pumps are crafted from silk satin with a diamond-studded buckle, lacquered heel and heart inset on the leather insole. The mid-high heel design is also very friendly for everyday wear.

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Viv’Choc–Light blue
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In the hot summer, the beach has become a holy place for people to escape the heat. The cold sea water and the warm sea breeze make people yearn for it. If you go to the beach, the right summer beach outfit is essential. Inspired by the casual glamour of the summer beach, the 2022 Beach Collection is launched by Jimmy choo, the charismatic and confident fashion brand. The collection is made up of three main shades of yellow, white and Malibu blue, creating a bright summer picture.

Diamond Flip Flop

Diamond Flip Flop

Crafted from soft yellow rubber, the style reinterprets the silhouette of our retro-inspired DIAMOND trainers and they are decorated with the signature gold-tone JC emblem. A summer wardrobe foundation.



FITZ slides are a summer getaway must-have. they are crafted in Malibu leather and have adjustable clear plexi and leather straps that feature the JC monogram in a repeat print.These sandals feature a contrasting rubber sole with adjustable arch straps to fit your foot, and a shock-absorbing foam insole for extra comfort.

By far–reinvents timeless silhouettes

By far is a Bulgarian brand created in 2016. It was collectively established in 2016 by sisters Valentina Ignatova, Sabina Gyosheva and Denitsa Bumbarova. Through their diverse interests, each founder brings a distinct voice and versatile skills to the label, cultivating a design aesthetics tailored to adapt to the complexity of modern life. The brand takes its name from the founders’ sons’ names – Filip, Alec and Roman. In essence, BY FAR means Made with love.

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BY FAR insists on using high-quality fabrics from Italy to produce its fashionable shoes and accessories, and the designs exude a rich 90s retro style.BY FAR insists on using high-quality fabrics from Italy to produce its fashionable shoes and accessories. The color design exudes a strong retro 90s style. Recently, it has become famous for its exquisite mini bags, fashionable booties and square sandals. Highly respected by fashion celebrities.


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A soft square toe that hugs the curve of the toe. The upper is a soft bow, held together by two delicate leather laces that contribute to the overall silhouette.


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These leather mules combine a soft, cloud-like upper silhouette. The square toe shape a modern appeal.

Chandelier from Rene Caovilla

Chandelier – a pair of shoes that make people want to dance when they wear them

The brand is very good at using many extremely feminine and feminine elements such as feathers, beads, hand-painted, etc., decorated on the slender high heels. the long and slender shoes of Rene Caovilla visually elongate the legs, while the exquisite decorations for the legs plus embellishments, beautiful. When it comes to Rene Caovilla’s shoes, we have to talk about the chandelier.

Chandelier from Rene Caovillaimages

This pair of shoes upper production is made of very comfortable lambskin as well as leather with. The smooth strap goes up the ankle and wraps around to the calf, outlining a sexy and slender line. What’s even better is the glass beads similar to water drops hanging from the shoe laces. Walking, hanging with the pace of swing, creating a free, dynamic and light beauty. Open toe high heel design, not only to make the shoes more breathable, the back of the foot with hanging beads of decoration is no longer monotonous, highlighting the beauty.

Chandelier from Rene Caovillaimages1

The same style, black is more mysterious and sexy.