Crocs:Ugly is beautiful

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Crocs shoes were originally intended for boating only, and because of their excellent anti-slip performance and comfort, and rich colors, they soon came to the attention of general users.

However, those who opposed it thought that such shoes full of holes were strangely ugly, and the company side took the opportunity to use “ugly is beautiful ” as its own slogan.

In addition, the small holes in the slippers can be inserted with various trinkets to meet the individual needs of consumers.

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Crocs are made in a variety of styles and colors. The Classic styles are available in more than 20 colors; most other styles are produced in a palette of four to six colors or two-color combinations. Thus there are different styles for each season. A pair of adult Classic style Crocs normally cost $49.99.

Crocs material is softer than the general shoes, since the rise of 2006, many children around the world because of wearing Crocs sandals by the escalator pinched feet accidents.

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Nike Dunk – The tide of recovery

NIKE DUNK is actually a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding.

zoom air represents the “impact air cushion”, which is usually said zoom, often used in Nike’s top sneakers as cushioning. For NIKE, although the current vision seems to be simple design, low technical content of the DUNK is definitely a pair of cross-century shoes.

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Nike Dunk low

NIKE DUNK is actually intended to be a pair of basketball shoes with good grounding, in terms of design Dunk is to Air Jordan 1 generation as the design prototype, so both have an excellent grip performance and sense of venue, to ensure that those excellent players on the field can be light and stable movement, so the performance is also impeccable.

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Nike Dunk low

SB is the abbreviation of NIKESKATEBOARDING, packaged DUNK SB, ZOOM AIR FC, ZOOM AIR URL, ZOOM AIR ANGUSE and ZOOM AIR E-QUE, DUNK is NIKE in the mid-80s as a blue sneaker launched, after the advent of the era of technology with sneakers slowly forgotten, in the In the mid to late 90s in Japan began to rise retro trend, AIR FORCE 1 and DUNK become two popular shoes, the trend of the representative figure Fujiwara Hiroshi, NIGO and other people have worn appear in various media to make retro become the trend.

New Balance 237

The new model 237 is a sneaker that has been standing out in the current fashion world and has attracted a lot of attention for its design that mixes a retro look with modernity. These shoes bring heritage of ’70s silhouettes modernized for today. The upper is designed with an incredible look that blends past and present. The highlights of this release are on the side of the shoe with an oversized N logo and an EVA midsole with a bold cut that refer to modernity. The soft rubber outsole and bold look ensure all-day style.

Following in the footsteps of the 327’s success, New Balance introduces us to another ’70s-inspired aesthetic, the 237. Several classic shoes are referenced in the New Balance archives – notably the 420, 1300 and the golf-ready Gator cleat – 237. It’s a modern silhouette with a retro vibe. Mesh and suede create the upper with a streamlined upper, and an oversized “N” accents the sidewall for a classic look. The body is sanded with a foam midsole for top-quality comfort.

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New balance 237

A colorful lifestyle sneaker inspired by the classic ’70s runner, the 237 is a no-brainer follow-up to other popular models like the 327 and 57/40, repackaged and designed for the discerning modern lifestyle consumer. Updated retro running style.

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New balance 237

In addition to the midfoot logo, New Balance branding is engraved on the heel, and the EVA foam midsole features an extended yellow wedge below the heel, above the standard grey foam panel for extra texture.

6 Easy Steps: Make your shoes look like new

To ensure peak performance of your sneakers over time, we recommend proper care and maintenance, including cleaning. Before you get started, place your shoes in a shoe tree or fill them with crumpled newspapers to help retain their shape during cleaning. Then, get to work.

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How to cleaning your shoes

These tips will help you keep any sneakers and running shoes fresh and clean in just a few easy steps.

1.Use a Dry Brush

Remove loose dirt from the outsole, midsole, and uppers using a dry, soft-bristled shoe brush. No shoe brush? No problem, an old toothbrush works fine.

2.Make a Mild Cleaning Solution

Mix warm water with a small amount of mild laundry detergent or dish soap.

For white and lighter colored shoes, you can also make an effective cleaning paste by mixing equal parts baking soda and water.

3.Hand Wash the Laces

Remove the shoelaces and apply a small amount of the mild cleaning solution to them. Massage the laces with your hands, rinse, then dab dry with a soft cloth.

4.Wash the Soles

Apply the mild solution to a soft-bristled brush, toothbrush or a wash cloth. Clean the outsole and midsole thoroughly, taking your time to clean every part of the soles. Dry with a soft cloth.

Note: If you need to wash your insoles, remove them first and clean with your solution, making sure to give them time to dry before putting them back into your shoes.

5.Wash and Blot the Uppers

Use the mild solution and a soft-bristled brush, toothbrush, or a soft damp cloth to clean the uppers. Take your time and don’t scrub too hard.

When you’re satisfied with the look, use a dry microfiber towel or soft cloth to blot and lift as much soapy moisture and dirt as possible. Repeat if necessary. Try to avoid drying by rubbing as it can wear down the shoe fabric or spread any remaining small bits of dirt.

6.Air Dry

Air dry your sneakers at room temperature. Always allow your shoes to dry completely before wearing them for your next workout or activity. For most shoes, it should take at least 8 hours to fully dry.

How to clean leather shoes