How to choose basketball shoes (II)

How to choose basketball shoes (II)images

A good pair of basketball shoes is the most important equipment for basketball lovers.So it is essential to learn how to choose basketball shoes.

You can click there to know how to choose basketball shoes according to your position on the court.

  • Choose basketball shoes according to the conditions of the venue where you often play:

Since most basketball fans play on outdoor concrete courts, the abrasion and slip resistance of the shoes is very important. The wear resistance of Adi shoes has always been recognized as good. In recent years, Nike has launched a number of outdoor basketball shoes that are particularly durable. The abrasion resistance of a basketball outsole depends on the application of the specific material. Such as TPU outsole, non-marking rubber has high wear resistance.

Many people often ask the question when buy basketball: Is there an air cushion? Is it made of leather?
In this need to explain, air cushion is a kind of shock absorption device often used by Nike, it is only one of the cushioning technology. There are many cushioning technologies used by other brands of sports shoes. For example, Adidas never use air cushion but cushioning rubber, so look at the shoes can not just look at whether there is no air cushion, and not everyone needs special cushioning.

How to choose basketball shoes (I)

How to choose basketball shoes (I)images

A good pair of basketball shoes is the most important equipment for basketball lovers, so it is essential to learn how to choose basketball shoes.

Basketball is known to be a very intense sport that combines running, jumping, rushing, stopping sharply, sudden changes of direction and twisting in one sport. A pair of good basketball shoes not only can improve sports performance, but also greatly reduce the occurrence of basketball accidents. Here you will learn how to choose the appropriate basketball shoes according to the actual situation:

  1. Choose the basketball shoes that suit you according to your position on the court:
  • Fastbacks and small forwards: These guys are characterized by quick and abrupt changes. They are interspersed in various positions on the court looking for opportunities. The shoe shape should wrap around the foot (change of direction, stopping in a hurry, to avoid breaking the foot). And the outer sole should be stable to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Forwards: These guys are characterized by good bounce, good air, and low weight. These basketball shoes need to pay attention to: good cushioning and the ankle protection is better. Because the impact of jumping on the legs, so there must be a good cushioning line.
  • Offensive forward center: This type of person is characterized by a lot of physical contact and a lot of weight. Therefore, basketball shoes need to have a strong upper and good ankle protection.

How to clean keds white shoes?

How to clean keds white shoes?images

Are you still worried about not knowing how to clean keds white shoes? Three tricks to teach you to easily clean keds white shoes!

  • white canvas shoes can not soak water. In the cleaning of keds white canvas shoes is not able to soak the shoes directly. It is easy to make the shoes appear open glue, thus affecting the service life of up.
  • When cleaning the canvas part of keds shoes, you can gently scrub the surface with an old toothbrush dipped in soap. This results in a more efficient cleaning of surface stains. If there are more dirty locations can be scrubbed several times, and then rinse clean with water. For the lace part, just take down the laces and clean them directly.
  • The dirty position of the shoes can be gently wiped with a toothbrush or wet towel and dip it into the water and apply it to the yellow and dirty areas of the shoes. Then brush the shoes, brush the shoes after the water rinse clean. And then use paper or washcloth to wrap the shoes. Remember to dry in the shade, do not put in the sun exposure!

Congratulations!You have successfully learned how to clean keds white shoes and harvested a pair of keds new white shoes!

How to wear high heels comfortably

How to wear high heels comfortablyimages

Are you tired of leaving blisters on your heels? Are you still worried because you can’t walk in high heels? If you love the look of high heels but hate the pain it brings, this article will help you how to wear high heels. While a pair of heels will never look like a pair of sneakers, they are comfortable enough to be worn on a regular basis.

How to walk in high heels

  • Wearing high heels when walking should be chest and abdomen, natural and generous, and walk steadily, should not bend back and not walk too fast;
  • When walking on a flat surface: the heel hits the ground first. Heel first, followed by the forefoot and toe and then land. When the body weight falls on the forefoot, the body will move forward, the momentum will also begin to take the next step.
  • When going up the stairs: in order to stabilize the center of gravity, it is best to land on your feet first.

How to avoid leaving blisters on your heel

  • Usually do not always wear the same height of high heels so as to avoid the same foot often squeezed.
  • Usually sitting, you should bend your feet first. Then gently stretch your legs, keep this position for 30 minutes, do not lift your legs to relax your feet.
  • Usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the feet. Develop the habit of hot water soaking feet to relieve fatigue. And massage and stretch the calf muscles and feet to enhance the strength of the lower limb muscles.
  • Use foot pads, straps and other measures to alleviate pain.

How to remove odor from shoes quickly

How to remove odor from shoes quickly. In everyday life, people who have smelly feet often encounter this question. Do shoes stink badly when you haven’t worn them for a day? What should I do if my shoes smell bad and I don’t want to wash them? Today we will share with you 3 quick tricks to remove the smell of shoes, solving a problem that many people are troubled by. Here’s how to use the trick to quickly remove the smell of shoes!

How to remove odor from shoes quicklyimages

1.Alcohol method: Prepare a rag and some alcohol. Pour the alcohol on the rag. Wipe the insole with the rag and leave it to dry for a while.

2.Baking soda method: First take out the insoles. Pour the baking soda into the shoe and shake the shoe a little. Let the baking soda touch every corner of the shoe and leave it to dry for a while, then pour the soda out of the shoe. Baking soda not only deodorises, but it traps the moisture in the shoes. Keeps shoes dry and comfortable.

3.Soap method: Stuff extra soap heads from your home into your shoes. This is also effective in eliminating shoe odour.

How to remove odor from shoes quickly. After reading this life tips, shoes in the odor but do not want to wash how to do it? Learn these three tips to easily solve this problem. You’ll benefit from knowing them sooner rather than later. Quickly remove the odor in the shoes of small tricks, you learned? Hurry up to try it!