Foot Locker: The Great American Shoe Store

Foot Locker Retail, Inc. is an American sportswear and footwear retailer, with its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, and operating in 28 countries.

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The history

Foot Locker is an American multinational dedicated to footwear and sportswear. Its headquarters are in New York and it operates in more than 20 countries with around 3,900 franchises. As the main identity code, its logo and employees wear a uniform similar to that of referees in American sports leagues.

In 1963, the Woolworth Group acquired a company dedicated to footwear, Kinney Shoe Corporation, which became a subsidiary. Specialized shoe stores emerged from this company, among which was the one dedicated to footwear and sportswear, Foot Locker, in 1974. This same year opens its first store in California.

The brand was ready to expand throughout the United States and even started operations in Europe in the 1980s. This was impacted by the slope of its owner Woolworth, which started to close several of its stores throughout the country. The Foot Locker operations were controlled by an entity called the Woolworth Company, which in 1997 became the Venator Group, and Foot Locker became the main footwear company of the Kinney Group. In 1998, Venator announced the opening of all the old Kinney stores, which made Foot Locker the main company of the group, and in 2001 the group changed its name to Foot Locker Inc.

The visual evolution

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Foot locker Logos

The original visual identity of the brand was used until 1988. It was in this year that the traditional logo of the brand, which has an American football referee as its symbol, was adopted and became extremely popular among consumers. In the following years, the logo only underwent updates.

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venom

Those who have seen Venom must have the impression that Tom Hardy wear Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venom. Let us learn about this pair of shoes today.

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages
Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages1
Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages2
Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages3

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots

Step into the ring with these Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots, Buck in Ash Grey / Skull Grey, breathe, and remember your training. Reebok designed these combat-ready boots to support you during the fight with an ankle strap and a synthetic overlay upper to add durability. Mesh fabric breathes as you move, keeping your feet dry so all your focus goes into the fight.

Reebok Combat Men’s Boxing Boots in Venomimages4

Breathable upper for 10-round comfort. Ankle strap keeps you feeling locked in and secure. Cushioning keeps you light on your feet. Full rubber outsole for ultimate grip, so you don’t have to pull any punches.

Adidas Top Ten Hi in Venom II

Those who have seen Venom must have the impression that Tom Hardy wear Adidas Top Ten Hi’s in Venom II. Let us learn about this pair of shoes today.

Adidas Top Ten Hi in Venom IIimages
Adidas Top Ten Hi in Venom IIimages1

Almost 40 years on the market, the re-launched Top Ten Hi still looks fresh and slays the off-court scene with its dashing looks. A combination of classic elements and affordability, this extremely comfortable and stylish kick is back in action and is better than ever.

Adidas Top Ten Hi in Venom IIimages2
Adidas Top Ten Hi

The Adidas Top Ten Hi’s inspired origins

Adidas released the Top Ten Hi in 1979, representing a high level of excellence embodied by the ten exceptional players during that time.

The All-Stars or champions wore this shoe in their rights, these highly respected top ten players signified the wide range of basketball talents across the United States, namely Doug Collins, Marques Johnson, Kermit Washington, Adrian Dantley, Bob Lanier, Bobby Jones, Billy Knight, Sidney Wicks, Mitch Kupchak, and Kevin Grevey.

The Top Ten Hi has remained relevant over the years and dominated the sales charts with its off-court appeal.

The history of Li-Ning

Li-Ning is the Chinese leader in sportswear and footwear, created by its founder, gymnast champion, Mr. Li-Ning 李宁 in 1990, with the simple aim of providing Chinese athletes with a national brand representing China on the Olympic Games world stage. That modest intention, nearly 30 years later, led to the growth of the company – a worldwide sports equipment industry.

Li-ning is constantly developing and researching the technologies of the future, to interact with human achievements in innovation, having unlimited potential for the excellence of its products.

The history of Li-Ningimages

The company’s founder, Mr. Li-Ning is an example of his own achievements in the sport, winning six of seven gold medals at the sixth gymnastics world championships in 1982, which earned him the nickname “Prince of Gymnastics”. In 1984, Li-Ning won three gold medals, two silver and one bronze, to become the most honored athlete at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

In 1999, the World Association of the Sports Community named him one of the most outstanding athletes in the world of the 20th century. Li-Ning lit a torch at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.


Rick and Morty x PUMA MB.01 pays homage to LaMelo Ball’s favorite Adult Swim show.

Lamelo Ball

The NBA athlete’s debut shoe features a mismatched design that combines a neon green finish on the left shoe with a vibrant crimson finish on the right.

The engineered mesh upper is branded with Rick and Morty branding on the toe cap, along with show-inspired graphics on the lace protection.
Lightweight cushioning is provided by a full-length Nitro Foam midsole.

Basketball player LaMelo Ball is out of this world. His personal style and his trajectory on the courts are unusual. And his new signature sneaker couldn’t be different.

Bold and flashy, the MB.01 model is ‘Melo in sneaker format’. If you had to play ball in space, it would be them. And like Melo, they’re unlike anything the league has ever seen.