Indispensable sneaker accessories:Insole

Insoles are not only for those who suffer from foot diseases or disorders. Modern shoes are not always designed with comfort and proper anatomical positioning in mind.

While your new shoes may look great on your feet, they may not be the best thing for your feet in the long run, and that’s where insoles come into play.

Insoles are pads that are placed inside shoes or boots for extra comfort, warmth and a better fit. Sometimes referred to as the “foot bed,” insoles are designed to add support to your shoes and make them more comfortable to wear.

While insoles don’t physically make the shoe smaller, they fill the gap between your foot and the inside of the shoe.

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Insoles For The Right Arch Type

This one is key – you should match your insoles to your arch types otherwise you risk painful arches and potential injury. Arches usually fall into three buckets:

Neutral/medium arches
Low arches/flat feet/fallen arches
High arches

When browsing insoles, take note of the arch types they are suited for and make sure you are purchasing an insole made for your arch type.

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Good partner: Shoe Protector Sprays

Whether leather, suede, canvas, or other material that’s not weather resistant, protecting your shoes is a top priority for some.

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Shoe Protector Sprays

That said, finding the best shoe protector spray is essential when it comes to the longevity of your footwear. The best shoe spray will waterproof and shield your shoes from dirt, mud, and more.

Waterproof shoe sprays form a protective layer that repels water from the surface. These shoe sprays not only help during inclement weather, but also work for accidental spills and stains.Look for waterproofing sprays if you live in a region that gets lots of snow or rain.

Shoe protectors serve a variety of functions, with each spray focusing on one or several purposes.

While most products on the market are designed to maintain a shoe’s appearance, some sprays protect while adding shine, making them a great choice for formal wear.

Shoe tree & Boot tree

A shoe tree is a foot-shaped object used to keep the shoe in its original shape and reduce crease formation, thus increasing the lifespan of the shoe.

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shoe tree

Quality shoe trees are solid wood, usually cedar, to smell shoes and absorb moisture. Unless they are specific to a shoe model, they are usually articulated by one, two or three springs in the length and width, which allows them to occupy the entire space.

There are also trees for simple shoes, made of plastic or stamped metal, with or without a spring. They are usually cheaper, lighter and more convenient for travel.

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boot tree

Boot trees are shoe trees for boots. Boot trees are often used on ankle-high boots and are similar to standard shoe trees but have a higher ankle area.

Their main function is to support the heel counter, which helps preserve the integrity of the higher heel and prevents it from creasing or folding over. The fore part of the boot tree acts as a standard shoe tree and works to gently stretch out the vamp and prevent creasing.