Converse 1970s

Today, let’s talk about one of Converse’s most classic shoes – Converse Chuck Taylor All Star 1970s.

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Converse 1970s

The reason why this pair of shoes is called the 1970s is actually a replica of the Converse shoes of the 1970s, and there are also different styles such as 1980s and 1990s.

The 1970s has a unique retro shape, with a slightly yellow last shape as a whole, and a stitched fabric on the heel to prevent the shoe shape from collapsing.

The overall looking narrow and short toe cap, thickened off-white cotton laces, thickened midsole, and the unique routing on the side of the shoe all give this pair of sneakers a full retro flavor.

The red seal on the tongue of the 1970s, in which you can see the words “PLAYERS NAME”. This is because Converse existed as a basketball shoe in the past, because at that time, the shoe type was single, and the appearance of the shoes could not be distinguished, and players often wore the wrong shoes. So players will have their names written on the tongue. This stamp is on only one shoe in a pair. The 1970s retained this seal when it was re-engraved, adding a retro flavor to this pair of shoes.

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Players Name

The birth of the converse all star

In 1908, Marchis. Marquise Mill Converse founded Converse in Massachusetts, USA.

Converse was founded in Massachusetts in 1908. The founder Marquise Mill Converse was named after his surname Converse. After operating in the rubber shoe factory for 9 years, it officially introduced the world’s first basketball shoe All Star with a canvas upper and a rubber midsole. At that time, such shoes made it easier for players to get close to the ground, and also opened the Converse. Brilliant history in basketball.

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Converse All Star logo

In 1921, Chuck Taylor joined the Converse team. He was a professional basketball player. Therefore, he proposed to change the sole to improve the grip and increase the protection of the ankle part in the All Star design. In recognition of his contribution to Converse, Chuck Taylor All Star canvas shoes were born since 1923, the side logo of each pair of All Star was added with Chuck Taylor’s signature.

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Until the 50s and 60s, almost all NBA players, high school/college athletes wore Chuck Taylor All Stars, and the Converse became a must-have shoe at the time.

Discover two types of brushes used to renew shoes

“Using the right brush is key to cleaning sneakers, a hard brush should only be used on soles and some midsoles. A medium-sized brush can be used around sneakers, but not on suede, nubuck, or satin, etc. Delicate materials. A soft-bristle brush is key when working with delicate materials.”

There are several brushes to renew leather and suede shoes. The difference, basically, is the bristles.

The bristles to renew leather shoes are natural or synthetic bristles.

Natural bristle brushes are of animal origin and, when used to apply grease and finish leather shoes, they make a big difference, because with this type of bristle it is easier to grease and spread the product.

Synthetic bristles are harder and therefore more difficult to polish leather shoes with the grease.

To apply the grease or mousse to your leather shoes, our shoemakers recommend two types of brushes:

Discover two types of brushes used to renew shoesimages

Grease Applicator Brush with Handle

Discover two types of brushes used to renew shoesimages1

Grease Applicator Brush

These brushes have natural bristles concentrated in a round wooden shape, precisely to fit inside the grease pot.

Nike’s Air Max 90 Terrascape “Sail”

Nike has now released its latest edition to the Air Max 90 family with its brand-new Air Max 90 Terrascape “Sail”.

Nike’s Air Max 90 Terrascape “Sail”images
Air Max 90 Terrascape “Sail”

Keeping things clean and minimalistic, the nylon upper with a grid pattern takes on a “Sail” colorway, while a layer of suede in the same color covers the toe cap, mid-panel and part of the collar. A creamier colored suede then wraps around the mudguard with a pitch-black profile Swoosh in canvas, brought in to interrupt the light color pallet.

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Air Max 90 Terrascape “Sail”

A translucent white TPU lace guard carries over the the sea-glass styling on the underfoot, where a speckled “Lime Ice” midsole is visible through the semi-transparent casing. When looking closer at the silhouette, you will also be able to see the sustainable touch that has been added with the waffle-patterned thread made up of Nike Grind material.

Why choose basketball shoes

A pair of professional basketball shoes is essential. The so-called professional sports shoes wear professional shoes, whether it is the appearance design or the use of technical materials, they are built according to the skills required by basketball sports, such as jumping, moving, emergency stop, etc. Good control during exercise. To sum up, basketball shoes will protect you and improve your competitive level in the following areas.

1. Protect the ankle

A pair of professional basketball shoes should firstly have the function of protecting the ankle in design. Both high-top basketball shoes and low-top basketball shoes will work on the ankle. The ankle protection of basketball shoes is actually protected from several technical aspects:

(1) Wrap the ankle to prevent ankle ligament strain.

(2) The anti-rollover system is to add a part of the protruding sole at the outer end of the sole of the basketball shoe to prevent the foot from turning laterally during direction change and emergency stop.

2. Anti-skid increases friction

Anti-slip function is one of the most basic protective functions of sports shoes. It is very important for the fierce competition and the pursuit of speed in basketball. At the same time, according to the different venues, the material of the non-slip sole of the sneakers will also be different.

Why choose basketball shoesimages
basketball shoes

3. Slightly increase the bouncing force and greatly increase the shock absorption effect

Jumping ability is one of the necessary and critical abilities on the basketball court. Before the NBA draft, a jumping ability test will be conducted, and this data will be written into the scouting report. In addition to its own talent and post-training to increase bouncing power, basketball shoes are also producing technology that assists in increasing bouncing power, using the same characteristics of the midsole and outsole materials of basketball shoes, such as the elasticity of EVA material. Basketball shoes can help increase the frequency of bouncing, increase the bouncing force to a small extent, and more importantly, increase the shock absorption effect after bouncing and land, reducing damage to the knee.

(1) Air cushion technology
(2) React material

Something about Sneakers

Sneakers & sneakerhead

The term “sneakers” is most commonly used in Northeastern United States, Central and South Florida, New Zealand, and parts of Canada. However, in Australian, Canadian, and Scottish English, running shoes and runners are synonymous terms used to refer to sneakers;

Something about Sneakersimages

Sneaker collecting is the acquisition and trading of sneakers as a hobby. It is often manifested by the use and collection of shoes made for particular sports, particularly basketball and skateboarding. A person involved in sneaker collecting is sometimes called a sneakerhead.

Sneakerhead culture

The sneakerhead culture originated in the United States during the late 1980s and had gone global by the end of the 1990s. Hardcore sneaker collectors in Britain, Europe, and the US buy online and go to outlets, sneaker events, swapmeets, parties, and gatherings in search of rare, deadstock, vintage, and limited edition shoes to invest in.

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Men’s running sneakers

Running shoes are also known as sports shoes. According to the needs of biomechanics, running shoes can be divided into three categories: providing shock absorption, providing stability, and providing motion control. Running shoes that provide shock absorption usually have a softer mid-layer sole to assist the feet in evenly exerting force during exercise and help the feet to absorb shock. The shoe body is usually lighter and the stability is relatively poor. For running shoes that provide stability, the sole usually has a column with uniform force or a sandwich structure on the inner side. Running shoes that provide motion control are usually stiffer and can reduce or control excessive inversion of the foot and prevent ankle injuries. The weight of this kind of running shoes is usually heavier than other running shoes.

Men’s running sneakersimages

The structure of running shoes:

To understand running shoes and buy running shoes, you must first understand its structure.

1. The outsole (or outsole) is the bottom layer of the shoe in contact with the ground. Wear resistance and non-slip is the key to it.

2. The midsole, between the outsole and the insole. Elasticity and foot protection are the key to it. The midsole is also the part with higher technical content of running shoes.

3. The upper part mainly refers to above the insole, including the entire upper part of the shoe. Breathable, easy to put on and take off, and beautiful are the keys to it.

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