Something about crocodile leather

If your fashion style leans towards a tough, cool and a little dangerous style, crocodile leather is an element you should add to your wardrobe.

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Crocodile leather: tougher than you think

In fact, this is a myth: this leather is, in fact, one of the most durable leathers used in menswear today.

The skin of these creatures has scales of varying sizes: the flank scales are oval and the stomach scales are small and rectangular.

It is difficult to work with this type of leather: the scales themselves are rigid. This makes it difficult to finish the leather in the tanning process and therefore contributes to the higher costs of products made from crocodile skin.

These skins also have an additional bone layer. While this increases durability, it prevents the leather from stretching significantly, making work more difficult.

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Crocodile is versatile.

If you’re thinking of an item to add to your wardrobe, a crocodile belt packs a big punch. You can select from a wide variety of styles depending on where the animal’s fur is. There is a different appearance associated with the belly scales (smaller, smoother texture) compared to the backbone (larger, more dramatic scale patterns).

There is also a wide range of colors available: you can choose from more conservative colors in black and brown, natural tones and bright color tones ranging from red to blue and everything in between.

There are many products besides belts and wallets that look great on exotic skins like crocodile. Cell phone cases, watch straps and sunglasses cases look amazing in crocodile.

For a more dramatic statement, a crocodile leather coat or jacket will definitely do the trick. Remember, however, that a little croc can go a long way.

Don’t be fooled by fakes.

Many people go for the look of exotic leathers but are put off by the exorbitant prices. They are often tried by vendors who offer variations on real crocodile leather.

You will find that many products are offered that look like crocodiles but are actually made from the skin of other members of the Crocodilian family, such as alligators.

Alligators are small relatives of crocodiles and are sometimes called the “Colombian crocodile”. They are cultivated and cultivated for their fur, similar to ostriches. This makes their skins less expensive than alligators or crocodiles.

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A smiling alligator. Florida

Generally, alligator skins are less coveted for use in fashion because they are drier, duller and less soft to the touch. The scales are also smaller, in addition to having marks and appearing concave.

Items made with alligator leather are significantly cheaper than crocodile leather, but the quality and aesthetics are simply not as high as crocodile.

What is PU leather?

Learn how it is produced and what PU leather is, which is actually just a synthetic fabric made from plastic.

PU is the acronym for polyurethane. It is a solid material, very flexible, resistant to oxidation and chemical additives, with a texture very similar to foam.

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In winter and upholstery products, PU is usually the laminated layer of fabric that, in appearance, is very similar to leather. It is also present in the manufacture of paints and other fibers.

Therefore, products made from “pu leather” are not composed of leather exactly. But of a synthetic material made from plastic (petroleum) and other substances, such as castor oil. Despite this, many people confuse synthetic fabric with leather.

The matter is so serious and important that in December 1965 the Leather Law was created (n° 4,888/65), which prohibits the sale or advertisement of products under the name of leather, but which are not obtained exclusively from animal skin. and makes this act a crime subject to punishment by the penal code.

What are the materials for making shoes?

In today’s article I will show you a complete list of raw materials to manufacture shoes.

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Animal leather and synthetic leather

This is, without a doubt, the main raw material for finishing and structuring shoes. In addition to the types of leather, you can also invest in suede. It all depends on the style and occasion for which the shoes are being made.

Latex rubber

Latex rubber can be used in different parts of shoes. And she’s usually pretty tough.


Polymers are nothing more than the kinds of plastics and foams that are used in shoes. You must stipulate a quantity of polymer for each option you choose, and thus, promote comfort and lightness for your customers.

Fabrics for shoes

Fabrics are also part of the shoe’s finish. But of course they also have the important function of covering internally and externally, in different parts. Therefore, you should bet on more resistant and “thick” fabrics, so that they do not wear out too quickly.

Lines and glues

The threads and glues need to be special for shoes, since only in this way will you be able to have a firm finish. Otherwise, when walking, the thread may unravel easily, compromising the quality of the shoe.

Shoe laces and cords

The shoelaces and laces can have both the function of “closing” the shoe, as well as promoting aesthetic results. In fact, it is possible to unite the only two functions. Lace thickness, size and colors will vary depending on shoe style. It will be up to you to choose the most suitable type for each piece you create.


Finally, we cannot forget about the insoles that will provide the entire inner lining on the soles of the feet. They are the ones that generate more comfort and well-being when walking, in addition to “holding” dirt, making it easier to clean shoes later on.

Anta KT7 in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship parade

In 2022 NBA Warriors Championship parade, Klay did not choose the upcoming KT7 Pro, but instead wore a pair of KT7 LA color matching. The combination of pink and blue is quite South Coast style.

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The Anta Klay Thompson KT7’s are built on the foundation laid over years of blood, sweat, and tears.

The KT7 uses first of its kind tech through Nitrospeed™ that gives supercritical support for speed and execution. Nitrospeed™ tech gives the KT7 a lighter weight, and a more fluid motion forward.

The upper is comprised of anisotropic carbon fibre and nylon with the outsole designed with wear resistant water ripples to enhance ground grip for a quick stop and pull up shot.

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  1. Midsole use Nitrospeed tech, lighter weight, more energy supply
  2. Anisotropic carbon fibre and nylon shoe side, provide stong support and enhance stability
  3. SMART S.A.M tech in the heel, absorb impact force to reduce knee pressure and provide heel support
  4. TPU yarn speed fiber upper, improve lightweight comfort support package
  5. Water ripples wear resistant rubber outsole to enhance ground grip

UA in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship parade

Looking at the Anatomix Spawn worn by Curry’s earliest endorsement, it seems that he has returned to the year when his dream with UA began.

UA in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages
UA in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages1

Anatomix Spawn is undoubtedly the most representative work in the early days after UA announced its entry into the basketball market.

The hot-melt armor design with full muscle feeling and the system function of layered locking provide players with all-round coordinated movement of the muscles, tendons and bones of the feet.

The high-top design does not lose flexibility, and even has a lightweight gene.

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Putting on the Micro G Atomix Spawn feels like putting on a ski boot. It isn’t easy, but when on it molds to you. Once you get these sneakers on you honestly don’t feel them. They give your feet a bear hug that doesn’t stop, yet doesn’t hurt or annoy. The tightness of the fit gives you exponential responsiveness on the court. The soles are equally exceptional. The combination of the sole’s grip plus the tight fit turns the shoe into a performance enhancer on the court.


The high-top version give solid ankle support thanks to more than adequate height on the upper of the shoes. However, if you are looking for cushioning, these sneakers probably aren’t for you. The Under Armor Micro G Atomix Spawn is made for performance, not for style.


The elastic that helped to secure the tongue in place. There is elastic running from the arch to the tongue, and from the tongue to the outside of the sole.


The subdued options that Under Armor offers. If your all about swag, there are plenty of options (including an orange/camo blend). The “flexgear” portions of the shoe are a bit rigid, but once you have the shoe on, you don’t notice it in the slightest