By order of the Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders known for its gangster violence and picturesque urban backdrops, Peaky Blinders is also loved for its authentic costume design.

By order of the Peaky Blindersimages
Peaky blienders

We are talking boots…real boots…man boots.

On screen, these boots are tough but teamed with suits and long overcoats to turn these men with working class roots into kings of the street.

As despite being wealthy, they do not want to be confused with their English gentlemen counterparts. Although, there are glimpses of this footwear fashion among the cast of the film adaption of Downton Abbey too where the titled gentry and their servants seem a world away from the streets of Birmingham.

By order of the Peaky Blindersimages1
Peaky blienders

Dr. Martens has remained a distinctly British label, a heritage celebrated by the Made in England collection from which every shoe is handcrafted with a Goodyear welt in the brand’s homestead of Northamptonshire. Try these boots for an unmistakable Peaky Blinders style.

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