Bruce Lee & Onitsuka Tiger

In the movie “Game of Death”, Bruce Lee wore a yellow one-piece sports suit and a pair of Onitsuka tiger shoes to kill the Quartet, which has become one of the most classic images in film history.

Bruce Lee & Onitsuka Tigerimages
Game of Death

Many people will mistake Bruce Lee’s shoes in the film as Mexico 66s, but they are actually Tai-Chi shoes with thinner soles. It was only later that Onitsuka Tiger matched the Mexico 66 with yellow and black tones.

Years later, Hong Kong film fan Quentin also made Uma Thurman pay tribute to Bruce Lee in the same dress in “Kill Bill”.

Bruce Lee & Onitsuka Tigerimages1
Kill Bill

There is a slight difference between the pair of Uma Thurman’s feet and Bruce Lee’s. If you watch the film carefully, you will find that “FXXX U” is printed on the sole of her shoe.

Bruce Lee & Onitsuka Tigerimages2

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