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Valentino is a global luxury brand of high-end customized and high-end ready-to-wear. Its products include high-end customized uniforms, ready-to-wear and a range of accessories, including handbags, leather shoes, small leather goods, belts, glasses, watches and perfumes. Valentino’s creation expresses modern humanism, focusing on the personality of the wearer. Valentino’s workmanship is very exquisite, magnificent and beautiful. It is perfect from the whole to every small detail. It is a symbol of luxury and luxurious lifestyle, and the loyalty of celebrities who pursue perfection.

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The aesthetic concept of modernity and excellent execution play an important role in Valentino’s product process, aiming to present exquisite and proficient craftsmanship.

Valentino shoes reinterpret the iconic elements of brands such as rivets, camouflage and other brands through the brand creation director. All integrates Italian handicrafts and modern aesthetics, and pursues the integration of fashion and classics, which is the brand’s belief in design.

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