Brand introduction- Malone Souliers

Brand introduction- Malone Souliersimages

Malone Souliers has been described as the “quiet kid in the back of the classroom”- independent and individual, quiet but hard to ignore.

Malone Souliers is a high-end women’s footwear brand founded in the UK by Mary Alice Malone. She applies psychology to understand women’s fundamental needs for shoes to create the right footwear for them.

Brand introduction- Malone Souliersimages1

Since its inception, the brand has been acclaimed worldwide for its bold, feminine style and quality materials. Its sophisticated craftsmanship, rich and vivid color palette, perfect design proportions also are the reasons why it is so popular.

Malone Soulier’s signature pointed-toe mules with contrasting tabs are chic and eye-catching. And they also define the elegant curves of the feet.

The beauty of the lines and tight control of the details control of the details contribute to Malone Souliers’ extraordinary philosophy. It is essential to showcase the lines of the female foot and create the perfect arch. The tried and tested classic shoemaking techniques are combined with the highest quality materials to create the elegant style.