Brand introduction- Casadei

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Casadei, a top Italian footwear brand, was founded by Quinto Casadei in 1958 in San Mauro Pasquale, Italy.

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The name Casadei is not new to the fashion world and is based on the Casadei family name. All Casadei shoes are handmade, with their sophisticated production techniques and unique design concepts. Different from ChristianLouboutain’s red-soled shoes of the sultry sexy or Jimmychoo shoes Casadei is like a lady in the shoe family, gorgeous and elegant, high temperament.

Casadei combines imagnation and bold materials to make each pair of shoes endlessly innovative. 100% hand-stitched in Italy and made with specially selected materials, classic techniques are complemented by modern elements. Vibrant colors, sexy leobrand prints, dazzling diamonds, exaggerated designs, and unique geometric series make each pair of shoes exude dazzlng fashion and style.

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Casera Casadei is the design director of Casadei, one of Italy’s top shoe brands. He joined his father’s business in 1987, and his quality craftsmanship, superior fabrics, and elegant designs have won him the hearts of countless Hollywood actresses. It is also a red carpet regular, hot items and woman’s styling weapons.