Birkenstocks Shoes Recommended(II)

For those who like outdoor activities

If you like hiking, fishing, rafting, camping or kayaking, you probably like the ruggedly built outdoor sandals like Pai and Chacos—which can stand the test of time in harsh environments.

Birkenstock has reinforced its cork insole with a deeply recessed sole for better traction, water resistant upper construction and adjustable Velcro straps for your adventure ready Kalahari and Tatacoa sandals.

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For the modernist

If you could imagine platform sandals that look like they belong in 1996 and 2036, then you’d close your eyes and see the Arizona Platform and Arizona Chunky Platform With stacked platform heels and eye-catching neutral colors.These two designs have a little Steve Madden-like nostalgia. and lots of modern design suggestions.

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For those who hate sandals

Some people hate showing their toes. Some people like to keep a little more in touch with the world. Some people just like shoes they can wear all year round. We understand.

 And that’s why Birkenstock’s Boston Clog will never die. This four-season classic features the original soft Birkenstock sockliner, a durable suede upper, an extra layer of foam for extra support and comfort, and the Birkenstock silhouette the brand has to offer.

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For the Crocs lover

For those who are able to love the ugly and embrace Crocs for their light weight, cloud-like comfort, low maintenance and light shades, we have your new favorite sandal.

The foamy, comfortable Eva Arizona plays at an unbeatable price and comes in all the monochromatic colors you could ever hope to see.