Skating shoes

Origin and development

Skates, shoes worn when skating. Modern skates are equipped with steel skates or pulleys on the sole of the boot. Skating in the West can also be traced back hundreds of years. Interestingly, relics of ancient ice skating have been excavated in London – skis on snowmobiles. According to research, this slippery wood is something from the 12th century. The Nordics slid across the ice by strapping bone skates to their feet.

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Skateboards can only slide on ice. In order to slide on land, on the basis of skate shoes, roller skates that replace skates with wheels and slide on land (hard ground) have been invented.
Roller skates are divided into two categories: one is a double-row roller skate with four wheels and four corners, which is similar to a car; the other is a single-row roller skate with longitudinally arranged wheels.

Types of skates

  1. The fancy knife is a figure skating blade. There are protruding teeth on the front of the knife. The sliding principle is the same as walking. Figure skating action is difficult and requires high stability. Therefore, the waist is hard and high to protect the ankle knives. The blade is wider and there is a groove in the middle. . There are knife teeth at the front end of the ice blade, which is convenient for jumping and kicking, falling and rotating braking. People who are beginners in skating generally choose figure skating shoes.
  2. The blade is smooth for playing ice hockey. Ice hockey is very confrontational and requires good protection measures. Therefore, the toe cap of ice hockey shoes is very hard, the waist is high, and the upper is very thick. It can move flexibly on the surface and change the sliding direction.
  3. Speed ​​skating knives The skates used in speed skating competitions are longer than ordinary knives (ball knives, flower knives). The main feature of speed skating is fast speed, so the speed skating blade is very long, the blade is narrow and relatively flat, the skating area is large and the frictional resistance is small, and the waist of the shoe is short to reduce the center of gravity of the body and reduce air resistance.

Dolce and gabbana shoes

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1985 in Legnano by Italian designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. They met each other in 1982 in Milan club and designed for the fashion brand of Giorgio Correggiari. In 1983, they established a designer consulting studio under the name “Dolce & Gabbana”. They presented their first women’s collection in 1985 in Milan, where a year later their store would open its doors. The dolce and gabbana shoes were also very popular afterwards.

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Dolce & Gabbana shoes are a brand that many women are particularly fond of. The shoes from this brand are extremely feminine in design and look very classy when worn. Dolce & Gabbana shoes are a much more luxurious brand and her shoes are indeed great, from the design to the quality they deserve. Dolce & Gabbana’s shoes are more suited to a more mature woman. Her shoes are more feminine and for younger girls, which is often more difficult, it can be worn to work or on a date to meet parents.

Is Dolce &gabbana the expression of a dream?

Dolce & Gabbana is the expression of a dream: a luxury brand known for its unique clothing designs and high level of tailoring. The Dolce & Gabbana brand has evolved and grown over the years, but has always maintained its own standards. A unique style, an unconventional expression of luxury. Season after season a combination of innovation and a strong and distinctive Mediterranean brand. Contrasting characteristics that constitute the deepest essence.

What is the design style of the brand Dolce&Gabbana?

Whether it’s the bold use of red and black and the use of large prints, or the use of luxurious and sophisticated accessories. The use of non-professional models on the catwalk, the self-made, self-cutting, non-manufacturing style of the early years of the collection. It is a unique and unconventional style.

Burberry sneakers

Berberley is a British luxury brand, part of the Berberley Group. The brand’s products include women’s wear, women’s accessories, handbags and footwear, men’s wear, men’s accessories, children’s wear, cosmetics, fragrances, watches, home furnishings and gifts. Burberry sneakers are also very popular.

Thomas Burberry founded the brand in 1856 and in 1879 the founder invented the revolutionary weatherproof Gabardine fabric. The fabric is impermeable to rain, practical and durable, breathable and lightweight. In 2014, Bobelli had over 500 directly operated shops worldwide. On 23 April of the same year, Bobelli was officially launched on Tmall. In 2018, Riccardo Tisci became the Chief Creative Director of Berberley.

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Brand Accolades Editor

In October 2019, Interbrand released its Top 100 Global Brands list ranking 96.
January 2020, the 2020 Top 500 Most Valuable Global Brands list was released, ranking Bobelli at 421.
In April 2020, the “50 Most Valuable Apparel Brands in the World 2020” list was released, ranking Berberley at number 17.

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Retro plaid sports casual couple old daddy shoes, super versatile a sports shoes. The shape of the shoe is very special three-dimensional, wear it to trim the foot shape and look very thin feet. The sole also has a height increase. The shoes are true to size, the shape of the shoes is thin, fat feet need to think twice before buying.

Men’s Footwear

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Burberry is proud to introduce its new men’s quilted leather trainers. Featuring the Arthur trainer in a dark maroon check, the Birch Brown boot, the sandal and the high-top trainer, the sneaker is a toe-tapping style.

Women’s Footwear

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A new interpretation of the brand’s women’s footwear collection in soft colours. The quilted sneakers and slippers are embellished with a signature pattern that echoes the brand’s design, while the Thomas Burberry logo adds a touch of branding to the ballet flats, boots and heels for an exclusive look.

Which burberry sneakers do you like?

Safety shoes

Safety shoes allow you to work safely without having to sacrifice comfort. Today, most work environments place particular importance on safety. For this reason, companies are increasingly obliged to comply with standards and norms for the use of safety footwear!

How to choose the right safety shoes?

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When choosing safety footwear, you should consider not only those criteria related to personal safety and protection, such as the level of protection and additional protection, but also other criteria such as the aesthetics and comfort of the wearer. For example, the materials used in safety footwear and the shape of the shoe. If you are working in Europe, you should ensure that the shoes you choose have the CE mark. You should also make sure that the safety footwear meets the relevant safety and protection standards for your work scenario. The European standard EN ISO 20345:2011 for safety footwear defines the criteria for different levels of protection for safety footwear according to the need for protection. Please note that it is important not to confuse the concepts of safety footwear, protective footwear and work footwear. When choosing safety footwear you should consider the different differences in toe protection, the different types of toe protection are listed below.

European Standard EN ISO345 Safety footwear: 200 Joule impact resistant toe.
European Standard EN ISO346 Protective footwear: 100 Joule impact resistant toe
European Standard EN ISO347 Work shoes: without toe.

Why wear protective safety footwear?

7% of accidental workplace injuries are foot injuries. Safety footwear must be provided, maintained and regularly replaced by the employer. Employees must wear safety shoes when entering or working in high-risk locations. The labour inspectorate has the power to penalise employers if they fail to provide each employee with suitable safety footwear.

Safety shoes are primarily designed to protect the user’s toes from injury. ESD safety shoes (electronic grade anti-static shoes) also protect electronic components from electrostatic discharge.

Please check the labour legislation in your country. Generally speaking, safety shoes are required by law to be worn in high-risk work environments.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens is the designer’s eponymous label. He was founded in 1994 in Los Angeles, USA. Since its rise in 2001, his creative and gothic designs have been a hit with major celebrities including Madonna. Minimalist use of colour and asymmetrical layering with a rock ‘n’ roll twist are Rick Owens’ signature designs.

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Basic introduction to the brand concept

Designer Rick Owens was born in Southern California, USA. A graduate of Parsons College in New York, he now lives and works in Paris. He has a love of old Hollywood films. He also started his eponymous label Rick Owens on Hollywood Boulevard in the early 90s when he left Parsons.

Since Vogue magazine sponsored RickOwens’ first show in New York in 2001, he won the CFDA Award for Best Newcomer in 2002. He moved to Paris in 2003 to become the artistic director of Revillon, the famous fur brand founded in 1723.

In July 2005, RickOwens launched his furniture collection, where raw laminates, resin, fibreglass, Casimir wool and bones are all creative elements. The collection is inspired by himself. The collection is inspired by Rick Owens’ favourite shapes, from EileenGrey to brancusiT to CaliforniaSkateParks.

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Main product lines of Rick Owens

Apparel, accessories, bags, shoes and boots.

Brand Philosophy

RickOwens has been described as a “Goethean minimalist”, designing sacred priestess garments. His pieces emphasise the architectural architecture of the jacket and the famous twill silhouette that wraps the figure in a discreet way. The message of sharpness is conveyed at the finished edges.

Perpetually dedicated to his aesthetic, avant-garde American designer Rick Owens is renowned for building on the blueprint of timeless and trending shoe silhouettes to suit the style of his edgy cult following; in other words, he takes new and established footwear classics and puts his own dark and experimental spin on them. There’s the DRKSHDW low-tops for fans of reliable lifestyle silhouettes, the Geobasket sneakers for collectors of high-top basketball silhouettes and the Beatle Bozer Tractor boots for those who love oversized leather stompers, and many more.