Anta KT7 in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship parade

In 2022 NBA Warriors Championship parade, Klay did not choose the upcoming KT7 Pro, but instead wore a pair of KT7 LA color matching. The combination of pink and blue is quite South Coast style.

Anta KT7 in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages

Anta KT7 in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages1

The Anta Klay Thompson KT7’s are built on the foundation laid over years of blood, sweat, and tears.

The KT7 uses first of its kind tech through Nitrospeed™ that gives supercritical support for speed and execution. Nitrospeed™ tech gives the KT7 a lighter weight, and a more fluid motion forward.

The upper is comprised of anisotropic carbon fibre and nylon with the outsole designed with wear resistant water ripples to enhance ground grip for a quick stop and pull up shot.

Anta KT7 in 2022 NBA Warriors Championship paradeimages2


  1. Midsole use Nitrospeed tech, lighter weight, more energy supply
  2. Anisotropic carbon fibre and nylon shoe side, provide stong support and enhance stability
  3. SMART S.A.M tech in the heel, absorb impact force to reduce knee pressure and provide heel support
  4. TPU yarn speed fiber upper, improve lightweight comfort support package
  5. Water ripples wear resistant rubber outsole to enhance ground grip

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