Skating shoes

Origin and development

Skates, shoes worn when skating. Modern skates are equipped with steel skates or pulleys on the sole of the boot. Skating in the West can also be traced back hundreds of years. Interestingly, relics of ancient ice skating have been excavated in London – skis on snowmobiles. According to research, this slippery wood is something from the 12th century. The Nordics slid across the ice by strapping bone skates to their feet.

Skating shoesimages

Skateboards can only slide on ice. In order to slide on land, on the basis of skate shoes, roller skates that replace skates with wheels and slide on land (hard ground) have been invented.
Roller skates are divided into two categories: one is a double-row roller skate with four wheels and four corners, which is similar to a car; the other is a single-row roller skate with longitudinally arranged wheels.

Types of skates

  1. The fancy knife is a figure skating blade. There are protruding teeth on the front of the knife. The sliding principle is the same as walking. Figure skating action is difficult and requires high stability. Therefore, the waist is hard and high to protect the ankle knives. The blade is wider and there is a groove in the middle. . There are knife teeth at the front end of the ice blade, which is convenient for jumping and kicking, falling and rotating braking. People who are beginners in skating generally choose figure skating shoes.
  2. The blade is smooth for playing ice hockey. Ice hockey is very confrontational and requires good protection measures. Therefore, the toe cap of ice hockey shoes is very hard, the waist is high, and the upper is very thick. It can move flexibly on the surface and change the sliding direction.
  3. Speed ​​skating knives The skates used in speed skating competitions are longer than ordinary knives (ball knives, flower knives). The main feature of speed skating is fast speed, so the speed skating blade is very long, the blade is narrow and relatively flat, the skating area is large and the frictional resistance is small, and the waist of the shoe is short to reduce the center of gravity of the body and reduce air resistance.