How to remove odor from shoes quickly

How to remove odor from shoes quickly. In everyday life, people who have smelly feet often encounter this question. Do shoes stink badly when you haven’t worn them for a day? What should I do if my shoes smell bad and I don’t want to wash them? Today we will share with you 3 quick tricks to remove the smell of shoes, solving a problem that many people are troubled by. Here’s how to use the trick to quickly remove the smell of shoes!

How to remove odor from shoes quicklyimages

1.Alcohol method: Prepare a rag and some alcohol. Pour the alcohol on the rag. Wipe the insole with the rag and leave it to dry for a while.

2.Baking soda method: First take out the insoles. Pour the baking soda into the shoe and shake the shoe a little. Let the baking soda touch every corner of the shoe and leave it to dry for a while, then pour the soda out of the shoe. Baking soda not only deodorises, but it traps the moisture in the shoes. Keeps shoes dry and comfortable.

3.Soap method: Stuff extra soap heads from your home into your shoes. This is also effective in eliminating shoe odour.

How to remove odor from shoes quickly. After reading this life tips, shoes in the odor but do not want to wash how to do it? Learn these three tips to easily solve this problem. You’ll benefit from knowing them sooner rather than later. Quickly remove the odor in the shoes of small tricks, you learned? Hurry up to try it!