Brand introduction- FILA

Brand introduction- FILAimages

Do you often see Fila in the international competition? Let me tell you the brand story of Fila.

FILA was founded as a brand in 1911 by the Fila brothers in BIELLA, Italy. It has a history of nearly 100 years since then. In the 1970s, the brand with the diversification strategy to expand the sportswear business.

In 1972, FILA hired a Japanese designer to design the trademark for barnd. The logo was created with the letter F as the main element and was greatly appreciated by the brand’s owner. The letter F is very creative, using a beautiful and rich geometric pattern. It with a strong artistic aesthetic, in line with the long Italian artistic atmosphere.

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The perfect design and elegant lines demonstrate the artistic thinking of sports: the exquisite craftsmanship and unique fabrics represent the fashion paradigm of the brand, highlighting brand’s positive attitude towards life and the elegant art of sports.

FILA now a century-old sports fashion brand is a textile and knitted clothing brand. In the 1970s, in line with diversified development, the brand turned to sportswear, has developed a series of tennis, golf, fitness, skiing, mountaineering, basketball and so on.

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Brand Introduction- Alexander Mcqueen

Brand Introduction- Alexander Mcqueenimages

Alexander Mcqueen is considered to be the godfather of British fashion.

Alexander McQueen is a true genius in fashion, and his designs are always surreal and full of wild ideas. His work is often expressive, contemporary and highly recognizable.Meticulous English tailoring, exquisite French haute couture craftsmanship and impeccable Italian craftsmanship are all reflected in his work. Alexander McQueen is a famous British fashion designer. The classic McQueen shoes make people very favorite McQueen shoes choose this clever design, without losing simplicity and generosity.

Brand Introduction- Alexander Mcqueenimages1

As a shoe brand, Alexander McQueen shoes naturally have different color matching. Among them, the black tail of the small white shoes has become a classic color matching. The bottom of the small white shoes is thickened, and wearing it will bring a certain heightening effect. And because the heightening ratio is very suitable, it will make people feel that the legs are elongated to a certain extend. And the slender style is very attractive, the design of the ankle opening is more outstanding. Not only very small and exquisite, but also makes the legs look slender and slender.

In addition, Alexander McQueen’s creative fashion shows have been hailed by several fashion critics as some of the most attractive fashion shows today.

How to clean keds white shoes?

How to clean keds white shoes?images

Are you still worried about not knowing how to clean keds white shoes? Three tricks to teach you to easily clean keds white shoes!

  • white canvas shoes can not soak water. In the cleaning of keds white canvas shoes is not able to soak the shoes directly. It is easy to make the shoes appear open glue, thus affecting the service life of up.
  • When cleaning the canvas part of keds shoes, you can gently scrub the surface with an old toothbrush dipped in soap. This results in a more efficient cleaning of surface stains. If there are more dirty locations can be scrubbed several times, and then rinse clean with water. For the lace part, just take down the laces and clean them directly.
  • The dirty position of the shoes can be gently wiped with a toothbrush or wet towel and dip it into the water and apply it to the yellow and dirty areas of the shoes. Then brush the shoes, brush the shoes after the water rinse clean. And then use paper or washcloth to wrap the shoes. Remember to dry in the shade, do not put in the sun exposure!

Congratulations!You have successfully learned how to clean keds white shoes and harvested a pair of keds new white shoes!

Brand introduction: Pony

Brand introduction: Ponyimages

Bad boys love to wear canvas shoes.

Pony is a historical sneaker brand, originated in the United States, loved by NBA players and Hollywood superstars, versatile and practical, a must for the street. The shooter is his canvas shoes in the popular shoes, especially dark green, super beautiful! His family really strength grass, even if the shoe closet has the same model. But each color and then stock up on a pair of the kind.

The sides are made of cotton + synthetic leather, and the V pattern is simple and eye-catching. V is the abbreviation of English Victorys, which means victory. This brand was first made in the United States letter carrier’s special shoes, so the quality is very solid. In addition to solid color series, his family also has a lot of color pattern upper design, campus style and street fashion trend elements bold mix, very suitable for young people.

Brand introduction: Ponyimages1

Each pony canvas shoes have a “V” LOGO, is the abbreviation of the English Victory. From the past to the present, PONY has never stopped innovating. In addition to insisting on the new and changeable design of the pony canvas shoes. PONY also actively cooperates with the fashion trend industry to show the diversified creative spirit and continuous vitality of the PONY brand. Therefore, it becoming the leader of the trendy sports brand. The difference is that PONY has a history of more than 30 years, and was popular all over the world in the 70s and 80s.

Bad boys love to wear canvas shoes.The pony canvas shoe is a “symbol” that can be used throughout the past and present. It can even take people to the future.

Brand introduction- Superga

Brand introduction- Supergaimages

Italy Superga tell you, sneaker can also be very “fashionable”.

Nowadays, sneaker has become a cultural trend. There are many loyal fans around the world who love and collect sneakers. And for the general public, it is almost a must-have item for the shoe closet. However, it is not difficult to find that the mainstream sneakers on the market nowadays are inevitably carrying the obvious label of “sports” and “street”, as if it is entirely a “hip culture”. It seems that it is completely a representative of “hip culture”. Is it true that all sneakers are like this?

Founded in Turin, Italy in 1911, SUPERAG has been a well-known footwear brand in Italy for 106 years. It is said that three out of every five Italians have worn SUPERGA, which proves its status in the hearts of Italians. Even the slogan of the brand shows its national recognition in Italy.

Brand introduction- Supergaimages1

Unlike many trendy street sneaker brands from the United States, the core concept of SUPERGA, which is born in Italy, the country of fashion, is “fashion”. This is mainly reflected in, first, its classic product 2750 series. Simple and stylish design, it can be perfectly matched with all kinds of fashionable clothes. Not only does it have the slightest sense of conflict, but it also shows classic fashion charm. On the other hand, more than 100 seasonal fashion items are launched every season to meet the ever-changing fashion trends.

For more than 100 years, SUPERGA has been loved by many consumers around the world. It including many celebrity fans, for its ultimate wearing experience and always trend-setting designs.

Today, Superga is present in more than 20 cities around the world and will continue to explore new markets in the future. It bringing a new sneaker wearing experience to all those who pursue fashionable quality.