High top canvas shoes with

High top canvas shoes are a basic shoe that can be worn all year round. Everyone must have them in their closet, and many people love them! It is not only light, good walking, but also very stylish, good with. It is not only lightweight, good walking, but also very stylish, good match. It is very trendy when worn casually. There is no set season to wear canvas shoes. You can wear them all year round, and they are fashionable in their own way. Canvas shoes are “all matching”.

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1 Exposing the upper of the shoe

Since it is a high top canvas shoes, to wear a fashionable. The best way to live up to this design is to show the top of the shoe. Although the height is only a few centimeters higher. But in the overall look, neatness and elegance have increased a lot. So to reveal it. Moreover, the height of the upper is exactly at the thinnest position of the ankle, highlighting the thinnest position will have a thin effect.

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2 Eveal the toe of the shoe

Canvas shoes are highly utilized. It can also be worn as a normal low top canvas shoes, cover over the high top also established. The pants just cover the upper of the shoe compared to a short cut, more elongated leg line.

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3 The same color system

If the pants and shoes are the same color, the line of sight will follow the position of the waist of the pants all the way down to the ground, invariably adding 2~3cm.

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