Brand introduction- Amina Muaddi

Brand introduction- Amina Muaddiimages
Amina Muaddi pvc slingback

Amina Muaddi is a well-known brand founded by designer AmingMuaddi. Designer AmingMuaddi has lived in many places and has a distinctive insight into global fashion trends. After her training in Milan, she worked for magazines such as L’Uomo Voque and GQ, and tapped into her own preference and vision for footwear design solutions.

Designer Amina Muaddi launched her namesake label in 2017. From the outset, it went viral with its iconic pyramid-shaped heels, favored by many Instagram models and bloggers. The brand’s unique creations include waterproof platform pumps, stirrup sandals, pointed-toe slingbacks, and more, with a 70s-inspired design. Fabrics such as crocodile-embossed leather, satin, sequined PVC and calf hair are the highlights of the design, available in a variety of colors and rhinestones. Amina Muaddi’s pieces combine Parisian design ideas with Italian craftsmanship for striking new ideas and chic, elegant looks.

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There is a crystal shoe is a crystal diamond buckle flower look. The part of the toe is transparent design, there is a silver diamond flower on the top.The whole is pointed design, the tip of the part of the shoe has a little silver style, look will be more shiny. The toe part of the package is not much, there is a transparent lace in the heel position. Therefore, it can be more convenient to wear, but also more firmly and more closely fit the foot. The whole part of the heel is transparent look, is very dreamy girl design. More classic one-strap design of the high heels, in the toe part of a thin lace, in the instep and ankle part of each a thin one-strap, with a bright diamond. The whole foot on these thin laces fixed. The heel part is also relatively thin design, after wearing it will be very elegant.

Brand introduction- Nicholas Kirkwood

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Known as the “Michelangelo of shoes“, Nicholas Kirkwood was created as eponymous brand in 2005. Nicholas Krikwood shoes are full of hyper-temporal beauty and a more futuristic spirit with a structured design.

Nicholas Kirkwood is a shoe designer who won the “Swarovski New Designer of the Year” award from The British Fashion Council in 2008. Nicholas Kirkwood, only 29 years old, graduated from St. Martin’s, served as an apprentice under the famous female hat designer Philip Treacy. Nicholas Kirkwood’s shoes not only have an artistic appearance, but also take into account the comfort. Nicholas Kirkwood brand was introduced by the world’s top boutique department stores, the price is about RMB3000~5000. And in the famous London department stores Liberty and When Browns was listed, they all sold out quickly.

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Nicholas Kirkwood’s design lines are smooth and architectural, with advanced materials and exquisite craftsmanship. The most impressive is the pearl decoration on its heel, the heel of the shoes are set with artificial pearls in different ways. It shows the luxury and elegant beauty, but not too exaggerated for everyday wear.

In addition to pearls, the flat heel with angles is also another brand mark. It adding details to the ordinary flat shoes, which shows that Nicholas Kirkwood really knows what girls are thinking! Another element that must be mentioned is the S-shaped straps of sandals or ballerinas, which can make the instep feel more extended. And how can any girl not be impressed after seeing them?

How to wear high heels comfortably

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Are you tired of leaving blisters on your heels? Are you still worried because you can’t walk in high heels? If you love the look of high heels but hate the pain it brings, this article will help you how to wear high heels. While a pair of heels will never look like a pair of sneakers, they are comfortable enough to be worn on a regular basis.

How to walk in high heels

  • Wearing high heels when walking should be chest and abdomen, natural and generous, and walk steadily, should not bend back and not walk too fast;
  • When walking on a flat surface: the heel hits the ground first. Heel first, followed by the forefoot and toe and then land. When the body weight falls on the forefoot, the body will move forward, the momentum will also begin to take the next step.
  • When going up the stairs: in order to stabilize the center of gravity, it is best to land on your feet first.

How to avoid leaving blisters on your heel

  • Usually do not always wear the same height of high heels so as to avoid the same foot often squeezed.
  • Usually sitting, you should bend your feet first. Then gently stretch your legs, keep this position for 30 minutes, do not lift your legs to relax your feet.
  • Usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the feet. Develop the habit of hot water soaking feet to relieve fatigue. And massage and stretch the calf muscles and feet to enhance the strength of the lower limb muscles.
  • Use foot pads, straps and other measures to alleviate pain.

Brand introduction- Mach&Mach

Brand introduction- Mach&Machimages

Mach&Mach heels

In 2012, Nina and Gvansta Macharashivli, two talented Georigan sisters, founded mach&mach. At the time, Gvansta was still studying medicine and her sister Nina,who was studying fashion design. Nina convinced her sister directly to leave medical school and created their own brand. Mach&Mach from Georgia started out as a brand specializing in custom-made dresses for and Hollywood stars. But later the brand began to quickly open up the market for the noblewoman and celebrity class, and is no longer exclusive to Hollywood stars.

Mach&Mach is a fantastic and quirky brand. The sisters’ designs are unrestrained, bold, avant-garde and highly experimental. Sequins, rhinestones and beads are their favorite elements, and the overall design is retro and futuristic, with a quirky and individual style that is highly recognizable. In fact, Mach&Mach this entire series- oreorder, are doing very successful. Fire not only this pair of crystal bow heels, and pearl shoes are also major celebrity actress street shooting weapon. Transparent PVC and fine glitter silver leather splicing toe, the toe is decorated with a large crystal, shallow mouth around a circle of pearls. The ankle is also wrapped around two circles of pearls, the overall exquisite dream, wear it, who is not Disney in the escape of the princess?

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The hottest should belong to that double bow models, crystal snake-shaped round straps in the shallow mouth of the toe. And double bow, in the heel, ankle laces also attached to this feature crystal straps. The body of the shoe with satin texture, bright colors, candy blue, pink, etc., full of girlhood. Therefore, everygirl aspire to be able to wear MachMach heels to bloom their fairy dazzling charm.

Sophia Webster butterly shoes

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The Sophia Webster butterfly shoes, wear as if fly into the fairy tale.

This pair of shoes with a pair of butterfly wings, has long been in your line of sight several times. Sophia Webster founded her eponymous brand in 2012, and it’s only been 6 years since then, but she has already won many awards and been favored by many actress. Her father was a DJ specializing in reggae music, a passionate and danceable music that influenced Sophia’s entire childood. Coincidentally, her mother was a high heel fanatic with a superb collection of high heels. And it became the source of Sophic Webster’s relationship with high heels.

Sophia is particularly good at using candy colors, polka dot elements and large color block collision. So her shoes are colorful and gorgeous, the shape and curvature of the heel and very elegant. Her design style will be properly restrained, more emphasis on the girl’s sweetness and fun, rather than overly flamboyant. High heels Sophia Webster with the traditonal design standards, it is the best at creating shoes with exaggerated color contrast, so that the shoes become the most eye-matching presence in the whole body attire.

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Sophia Webster shoes iconic design is the butterfly wings, with a sweet and dreamy color scheme, easily captured the hearts of young girls around the world women. In 2014, the brand helped Victoria’s Secret Show to create shoes for the show. Alessandra Ambrosio, a victotia’s secret angel, wore the annual. The shoes are SophiaWebster, and the openwork butterfly boots make the models wearing wings shine.