Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1

Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1images

Another Billie x Nike collaboration has been revealed, the debut of Billie Eilish x Nike Air Force 1 High Sequoia.

Nike x Billie Eilish Air Force 1images1

Billie Eilish designed these sneakers to showcase her bold style. Unlike the traditional Nike Air Force1 High, this pair features five devil felt straps above the laces. They extend from the toe to the top of the shoe, making them the most prominent detail of the shoe. The upper is made of suede, and the body is covered in army green monochrome. Includes an eco-friendly NikeGrind outsole, also in army green.

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Singer Billie Eilish teamed up with Nike this year for the AirForce1’s 40th anniversary, bringing Billie Eilish’s style to a mushroom color. The last AirJordan collaboration is made from non-animal materials.

As he says, “This collection is about keeping the original flavor and making it your own. It’s a challenge and an opportunity. It’s also important for me to incorporate as many eco-friendly materials as possible and express it in one way. .”

Why are there so many Velcro strips on the Air Force 1 Billie?

The most eye-catching feature of the Air Force 1 Billie is the five Velcro straps, which officially means that BillieEilish is echoing his habit of wearing clothes that are loose and wide. The Air Force 1 can be worn without tightening the laces, only using the Velcro to adjust the tightness, loose and will not fall off is in line with his preference. On the other hand, the Velcro is also influenced by Nike’s classic Alphc.

“Billie Eilish x Nike Air Force 1″ is expected to be available later this year on Billie Eilish’s website.

How to choose basketball shoes (II)

How to choose basketball shoes (II)images

A good pair of basketball shoes is the most important equipment for basketball lovers.So it is essential to learn how to choose basketball shoes.

You can click there to know how to choose basketball shoes according to your position on the court.

  • Choose basketball shoes according to the conditions of the venue where you often play:

Since most basketball fans play on outdoor concrete courts, the abrasion and slip resistance of the shoes is very important. The wear resistance of Adi shoes has always been recognized as good. In recent years, Nike has launched a number of outdoor basketball shoes that are particularly durable. The abrasion resistance of a basketball outsole depends on the application of the specific material. Such as TPU outsole, non-marking rubber has high wear resistance.

Many people often ask the question when buy basketball: Is there an air cushion? Is it made of leather?
In this need to explain, air cushion is a kind of shock absorption device often used by Nike, it is only one of the cushioning technology. There are many cushioning technologies used by other brands of sports shoes. For example, Adidas never use air cushion but cushioning rubber, so look at the shoes can not just look at whether there is no air cushion, and not everyone needs special cushioning.

How to choose basketball shoes (I)

How to choose basketball shoes (I)images

A good pair of basketball shoes is the most important equipment for basketball lovers, so it is essential to learn how to choose basketball shoes.

Basketball is known to be a very intense sport that combines running, jumping, rushing, stopping sharply, sudden changes of direction and twisting in one sport. A pair of good basketball shoes not only can improve sports performance, but also greatly reduce the occurrence of basketball accidents. Here you will learn how to choose the appropriate basketball shoes according to the actual situation:

  1. Choose the basketball shoes that suit you according to your position on the court:
  • Fastbacks and small forwards: These guys are characterized by quick and abrupt changes. They are interspersed in various positions on the court looking for opportunities. The shoe shape should wrap around the foot (change of direction, stopping in a hurry, to avoid breaking the foot). And the outer sole should be stable to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Forwards: These guys are characterized by good bounce, good air, and low weight. These basketball shoes need to pay attention to: good cushioning and the ankle protection is better. Because the impact of jumping on the legs, so there must be a good cushioning line.
  • Offensive forward center: This type of person is characterized by a lot of physical contact and a lot of weight. Therefore, basketball shoes need to have a strong upper and good ankle protection.

Brand Introduction: Keds

Brand Introduction: Kedsimages

Founded in 1916, the American women’s board shoes brand, the blue and white Keds is its classic logo. Its small white shoes is popular with the global street fashion trendy trendy products.

The avant-garde space surrounded by the classic blue color of Keds, the sense of modernity came to the surface. Here Keds and guests together to enjoy a fashion cycle and change.

Brand Introduction: Kedsimages1

The Keds shoes have been a part of the American girls’ confidence and energy on the tennis court. And they are the exclusive shoes for the American women who are entering the workplace.
With models stepping on Keds confident appearance, kicked off this Keds centennial fashion prologue.

The pace swayed out of the Keds century classic, the pace of interpretation of intimate companionship, the pace of firm out of the “Ladies First” brand spirit. Wide brimmed hat, big swing jumpsuit, lace pile socks, with the classic Keds, follow the red lips curly hair retro girl, shuttle back to the Keds popular in the United States retro era.

Brand Introduction: Kedsimages2

To this day, Keds shoes are still a must-have for global street fashion trendsetters. Keds shoes are still a must-have for global street style fashionistas, and have become the favorite shoes of TaylorSwift Taylor Swift and KrystalJung Jung Soojung, the fashionable women’s choice.

Women’s shoe trends 2021

From the iconic waterproof platform heels to the sporty sandals, the catwalk was full of fresh ideas, with comfort still being the primary consideration for this season’s shoes. Take a look at women’s shoe trends for spring/summer 2021.

Waterproof platform super high heel

Start strength training your ankles now. Because the giant heels of the late 90s are back in fashion. Starting with Versace’s spring/summer runway show, the waterproof platform super high heel is making a big presence in this season’s trends. Wear these heels with bold mini dresses or printed mid-length dresses for a minimalist look. Pair them with a brightly coloured clutch bag and you’ve got the perfect look. For a more sophisticated look, pair these shoes with an oversized shirt, jeans and and edgy gold earrings. They’re easier to wear than thin heels thanks to the thick soles.

Women’s shoe trends 2021images

Mary Jane shoes

Shoe trends come and go. But there are some shoe styles that have earned a permanent place in the shoe hall of fame, and the Mary Jane is one of them. This quaint and modest style has been around for over a century. Queen Elizabeth II, Naomi Campbell, Beyonce and other big names have all worn this style. Mary Janes are back in vogue in 2022, with Dior and Chanel both launching new styles of Mary Janes. Now with striking embellishments, a thicker sole, an extremely high heel and a range of fun colours and designs.

Women’s shoe trends 2021images1

Comfortable, thick-soled shoes with an athleisure twist

The athleisure trend is here to stay and this summer’s sporty sandals are set to be a big hit. Thick-soled trainers are our go-to for beach holidays. This trend was seen on the spring/summer runways of Hermes and Chloe. Sporty elements such as thick soles, Velcro straps, neoprene fabric and cut-out designs make this sandal a super cool one.

Women’s shoe trends 2021images2

Strap-on sandals

While strappy sandals will never go completely out of style, they haven’t always been a major trend. But now, the trend for these shoes has returned straight to the catwalk. We’ve seen various iterations of strappy sandals from several brands for Spring/Summer 2022.

Women’s shoe trends 2021images3

New and trendy shoes will make your image soar. Women’s shoe trends 2021, which pair of shoes are your favourites?