Men’s running sneakers

Running shoes are also known as sports shoes. According to the needs of biomechanics, running shoes can be divided into three categories: providing shock absorption, providing stability, and providing motion control. Running shoes that provide shock absorption usually have a softer mid-layer sole to assist the feet in evenly exerting force during exercise and help the feet to absorb shock. The shoe body is usually lighter and the stability is relatively poor. For running shoes that provide stability, the sole usually has a column with uniform force or a sandwich structure on the inner side. Running shoes that provide motion control are usually stiffer and can reduce or control excessive inversion of the foot and prevent ankle injuries. The weight of this kind of running shoes is usually heavier than other running shoes.

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The structure of running shoes:

To understand running shoes and buy running shoes, you must first understand its structure.

1. The outsole (or outsole) is the bottom layer of the shoe in contact with the ground. Wear resistance and non-slip is the key to it.

2. The midsole, between the outsole and the insole. Elasticity and foot protection are the key to it. The midsole is also the part with higher technical content of running shoes.

3. The upper part mainly refers to above the insole, including the entire upper part of the shoe. Breathable, easy to put on and take off, and beautiful are the keys to it.

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